The International Studies Program offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. All majors take courses in a range of social science and humanities fields, along with six hours of advanced credit in a selected foreign language. Majors select at least one of three available concentrations:

  • European and Transatlantic Affairs: focused on U.S. international relations and European integration, including studies of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Global South: focused on transregional issues related to Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • Peace, Security, and Human Rights: thematic concentration emphasizing international security, conflict and peacebuilding, and human rights challenges in all regions of the world.

At the end of their studies, all majors complete at least two applied global studies experiences to integrate classroom learning and enhance career readiness. These can include an internship (regional, national, or international), an undergraduate research project supervised by faculty, or a study abroad experience.

All majors are encouraged to declare a double major or minor in a related field. Our most popular double majors/minors are political science, history, area studies, world languages, geography, economics, sustainability, and anthropology. A number of students also co-major in natural science fields and business.

Minor in Global Studies

For students in other disciplines who simply want to enhance their global citizenship skills, raise awareness about global issues, or make the most of their study abroad opportunities, our program includes a 15-credit-hour minor in global studies. Minors enroll in our beginner’s course, INST 2813 Introduction to International Relations and Global Studies, complete a course related to a selected global issue, and complete either nine credit hours of language training or area studies courses. We currently offer the full global studies minor for students who complete a semester abroad at the University of Arkansas Rome Center, or students may apply three credit hours of approved credit from study abroad programs in other countries.