International & Global Studies is for students who want to understand a complex world, who want to cross international borders, and transcend cultural boundaries. It is for students who want to get out in the world, whether volunteering with NGOs, interning with international organizations, studying in bustling cities abroad, or conducting fieldwork off the beaten path. Above all, our program is for students who want to be change-makers, who want to tackle global challenges overseas and close to home.

International & Global Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences. But the entire world is our classroom. Our faculty and students draw on multiple disciplinary perspectives to study the processes and outcomes of global integration, the theory and practice of international relations, and the dynamics of cultural exchange. Along the way, we explore a number of global issues, including migration flows and refugee crises, the challenges of economic development, food security and sovereignty, and conflict and peacebuilding, among many others. Our majors are students who have an interest in international affairs, who want a degree with an interdisciplinary focus, who wish to learn, work, or serve in an international or intercultural environment.